Thursday, 17 May 2012

YO YO YOOooo, So WE’RE BAAACK… (again!)

So we’re now officially firmly back in the wonderful world of blogging , and here to help let you beautiful people know wata gwan is our lovely new blogger, Jenny Pearce. We’ve got so much kool sh!t going on right now that we decided we need to share it with you all… Like, YESTERDAY!! So sorry it’s taken so long folks, but lots to catch up on so I’ll leave you with Jenny to fill you in!

Hey it’s Jenny, very happy to be giving you lot the  what’s what for Puckoo Couture! You will be hearing from me a lot more often from now on =).

Now, on to what we’ve been up to! We’re currently working on the clothes and styling for Hot D’Jour’s new music video- think chains, feathers, charms and studs…and then add a whole load more blingblingbling!! It’s been a struggle, with head designer Dionne on only eight hours sleep for the last 3 days trying to get everything finished in time, but it’s so worth it and we are really excited for shooting the music video on Saturday & Sunday! The video will be filmed at Circomedia in Bristol, meaning there will be lots of fun to be had with performers, hoops and general circus tom-foolery! Seriously, can’t wait! We are going to give you lucky so-and-so’s a behind the scenes look, so keep checking our blog for pics and more!

Here’s a little sneak peak of a bra top we’ve been working on named 'High Roller' from the new 'Charm' Collection …. Shiny shinyyy (sorry, I’m like a magpie me!)

We’ve also been sewing away on our festival pieces, you can find us at our first festival of the season, Love Saves the Day, on the 3rd of June in Bristol, UK. We’ll be living it large and selling the finest of festival garms (for men women and children) in the Shambarber vs Boo Dior tent, alongside dear friend and fellow independent labels Fuudhood and Sew that Jazz.

Lots more exciting stuff to come, so stay tuned! Xx

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