Friday, 23 August 2013

Beards and dresses, feathers and mud... our festival adventure so far

Puckoo HQ is in full festival swing right now, at the fancy dress mecca that is Shambala, which sold out in record time this year. The organisers have had us drooling (stylish drool of course), promising their best ever site. We can't wait for all the colours and sounds from the likes of Crazy P's sweet disco house, Jazzsteppa, the gorgeous Andreya Triana and then some!

What makes it extra exciting is that we will be there with the rest of the Fash Pack, 'a glitterati hullabaloo of inventive creative rebellion'. This year our fellow festival fun makers (largely made up of Bristol lovelies) are DuttyMerrimaking, Working Clasp,  Magpie Chique, Elsie Belle, Check My Box,  Daisy Thomas and Jessica May

We're still milling over which Shambala flash mob dress theme we will be representing.... Pirate Couture or Puckoo Gangster Crew? It's a tough decision, both of them are badass, both can incorporate big hair and shiny stuff! 

Our penchant for men in drag will be satisfied, when Shambarber's drag queen competition takes place at 10pm on Sunday! Beards+dresses=heaven!

Anyways, the road trip to the festie had us looking back over what other festival treats we'd experienced this season...

We've stretched our stretchy lycras to the max crowd surfing and rave yoga-ing at Eastern Electric's Electric City...

metallic leopard leggings and black couture catsuit warm up 

Crying out to the sun in a Puckoo bikini
      Spot the Puckoo?                                              photos by GT

We even managed to get a snug with Electric City mumma Helen.
Two of our unitards looking hawt!

Jenny and Dionne were ready to take the night at Glastonbury
Charm bras and feathers FTW!

and finally, we've partied on down with the mega lush alcoholic dream vessle, the Cocktail Caravan at Boomtown! xxxxx

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Eastern Electrics, Electric City, Morning Rave Yoga and Glasto flashbacks

We've been mad busy on the road with our friends of Boo Dior for festival season. As soon as the summer starts, our sequins and shiny lycras are screaming out to have it large! 

Right now you'll find us wrapping off in the vibrant Electric City at Eastern Electrics (2-4 August) , where we are told they had stock piled a whole 6kg of glitter. They definitely share our belief in the power of the Glitter Army! We've been keeping fit with the magic of dance at Morning Rave Yoga, getting down in the EE Roller Disco and pouring our little hearts out at kareoke (Little Mermaid, obvs).

We thought we'd give you a few pics of our set up in the House of Boo-Dior at Glastonbury, so that you have an idea of what the Eastern Electric goers have been sampling there (though they haven't been quite so lucky with the Great British weather)...

Join us! The Glittermasque team prep all new Glitter Army recruits with face bling and quiffs worth fighting for.

Sort Your Self Out Love, Fuud, Makers London, Skin-T and It's Your Booth also make up the big famalam of lurve!

Puckoo garms on the raaailll! Glastonbury had us catching up with the likes of the gorgeous MC Gaff E and The Beast.

So many lush things to look at!

Hot D'Jour's Hollie G keeps it real in a Puckoo black, tiger and mesh panelled bodysuit and our fave feather shoulder pads.

 Next to her sick sounds, the outfit above was Hollie's weapon of choice when performing later in the Pussy Parlure, the same tent that was graced by the legend that is Charles Bradley. Have you heard of him yet? If you haven't you should go look him up right now! All I'm saying is true soul music did not die with James Brown... Anyways, Hollie also performed for lucky Eastern Electricers over the weekend and has a few new (and BIG) tracks under way, so no doubt you will be hearing more on her soon!

We've still got tons to share with you about what we've been up to over the last few months and so much more to come, so stay tuned! xx

Friday, 24 May 2013

Competition Time! Win a pair of our freshest leggings!

Here at Puckoo Couture we are getting mega excited about Love Saves The Day festival at Bristol's Castle Park this weekend, where we will be representin' in the Boo-Dior tent!

We will be there amongst a whole host of shiny, happy people including leisure and party wear p-i-m-p Fuudhoods, sparkle extraodinaire Glitter Masque, Makers LDN, Sort Yourself Out Love, Skin T and  Photobooth. 

Team that with the additional sounds of the likes of Appleblim, Al-Tourettes, Hot D'Jour, T-Sex, Boogaloo, Diss Miss, Nick G, Lee P, Dance off Crew, Frenic, Kelly Love, Suchi, Chateau Neuf De Pato, The Other Tribe Dj set and Demo Mode, who will be gracing our tent of love with their bad ass tunes, and I'm sure you can understand why we are almost wetting our panties! 

We figured the best way for you guys to take advantage of our golden mood would be TO OFFER YOU A CHANCE TO WIN YOUR FAVOURITE PAIR OF OUR NEWEST LEGGINGS! (Yes, we know, we spoil you!)...

All you have to do is *LIKE* our facebook page then pick your favourite pair of leggings from the four fresh styles in our competition album and share its photo. If you can't choose which ones you like the best, come and find us in The House Of Boo-Dior to see the leggings in the flesh,  or go to  WWW.PUCKOO.COM to help your decision! 

Good luck you beautiful people!

Winner will be announced 31.5.2013 @ 7PM. 


Friday, 29 March 2013

Puckoo Couture at Box Park, Shoreditch with best in British fashion curation, Secret Emporium

Ladies and gentleman with a keen eye for the freshest in independent fashion, you have one weekend left to find us at Box Park, Shoreditch, units 1-3 with Secret Emporium!

Tonight you will have till 8pm, for late night fashion fun.

 We've been there since March 15th, and, with the lovelies at SE deciding they don't want to leave just yet, we are happy to announce we will now be staying for the Bank Holiday Weekend, till April 1st !

pic by SE

We are there lovin’ life alongside the rest of SE's ‘top 20 British Independent Designers’, such as Spanglewear, Lucy Peacock, E.A Burns, Izzy Webster and Rosa Bonita.

For those of you who haven’t heard of Secret Emporium before (you really should have, but everybody gets one ;) ), Secret Emporium believe in supporting independent makers, championing what they do and promoting what they sell. They always search for grass roots designers; the talent of the future and look to designers who are on the fringe and underground. This lovely lot seek out and initiate collaboration between designers and creatives. They hand curate events and produce immersive market spaces, for example, Box Park.

If you manage to tear yourselves away from mass chocolate bingeing (yes, we all know that is what Easter is really about) and have a look at what we’ve got going on, you will be in for a bigger treat, in the form of…

Samples from our Bladerunner Couture collection (all of which are made to order)!


You will also see items from our never-before-seen Summer in LA 2019 (S/S13) collection and Fiesta Dress range, which includes hot pants, unitards and leggings fit for that special occasion, be it festival, club night, house party…or maybe you just like to dress up to do your groceries, like we often do!

SSLA19 sneaky peak! Pic by Kevin Voller

Animals on acid! Kevin Voller

“ There are designs taken from our Couture range, but simplified and created in more affordable fabrics, to make the pieces over all more accessible. As festival season is fast approaching, our collection has been inspired by letting go of our inhibitions and running free in a field once more. So think animals on acid... Bright, metallic, sparkly, garish, clashing colours, prints, feathers, hair and lots of animal prints!” - Puckoo mumma, Dionne Thomas.

We really like the space we have, and are in our element in Shoreditch! “Secret Emporium wanted to keep the space similar to a gallery, akin to a blank canvas. With help from the in house architects, An- Architecture, we have some really sophisticated ways of displaying our items” says Dionne.

“Its been great exposure. I've always liked Shoreditch, its quirky underground scene really suits Puckoo Couture.  It’s the heart of London’s independent arty and fashion scene, and that fits well with what we stand for as a brand.”  Dionne adds.

You can check out our Box Park on facebook here.

Also, not only do we have this amazing pop up shop together, but we also have shops at their festival events throughout the summer, and Christmas markets too. And, they  have just asked us to sell on their online shop, so look out for us there!

Massive thanks to everyone who has supported us so far, and to our beautiful fellow pop-uppers!

Have a good Friday! Jenny xx

Friday, 8 March 2013

Happy International Women's Day from everyone at Puckoo Couture

Happy International Women's Day to all our soul sisters, divas and independent ladies out there!

We have been celebrating in style, including listening to lots of Lauren Hill, guys: watch out!

We also spent the afternoon at Bristol radio station, Passion. They were representing the ladies, having all female DJs, and interviewing some Bristol women doing it for themselves, including our mumma, Dionne. 

Inside the Passion studio

 Puckoo Couture take over yo airwaves!

 Intern Liz getting down to Whitney Houston

Stop press!

Did you hear us? If so, let us know on our Facebook page :).

Here's to all you inspirational femmes! Girl power!

Jenny xx 

Saturday, 2 March 2013

Walk of Shame shoot

We've just got the photos back from the 'Walk of Shame' street shoot we did on Monday, and they are looking hotttt!

A massive thanks goes out to our incredible team, who braved the cold (it was fffrreeeeezzzzinnggg!) to get us such awesome results. February is definitely not the ideal time for an outdoor shoot, however the show must go on! Thanks guys; Kevin Voller for photography, Jessica Mills and Gemma Everett for makeup, Peachy Stylist for hair, Adele Toyne, Victoria Hobbs ad Natalie Harvey for assisstant styling and last but not least, Madge Clay, Donatella Pegler, Hollie G Grant and Tess Underhill for their amazing modelling skills, and for rocking it in next to nothing when the rest of us were freezing in huge coats!

Also big thanks to Motion Skate park, who let us use their space. So strange being in a nightclub after hours! It felt smaller when it wasn't filled with hundreds of ravers!

You can find the finished photos on our ASOS marketplace, our Facebook page or our online shop,  but we thought we'd give you lucky lot a little behind the scenes look.

The theme of this shoot was the morning after the night before. As the sun comes up, and clubs start kicking out, our Puckoo girls have not an eyelash out of place!

So you can get an idea of the look of the shoot, here is one of the moodboards created by our intern, Victoria.

Now for a little look at what went on behind the scenes...

 Model Tess waits with the makeup artist for her next turn.

          Good spots sometimes take a bit more effort to get to! Our model, Madge, shows how it's done! 

 My favourite location, highhh!

 Puckoo Couture, making bins look glamourous!

MUA Gemma Everett applies the finishing touches to model, Holly's, makeup. Loving the blue lips! But not from the cold!

To the tiniest detail... assisstant stylists/ interns, Vicky and Adele help a model with her shoes.

Big coats and cuddles with Puckoo mumma, Dionne, help to keep warm!

Holly races to get us to the next location on time. Spot the Puckoo leggings?

Motion nightclub without music felt really strange!

Strike a pose! Model Donatella in my favourite outfit of the day. It's all about bold, aztec prints!

Tess in sexy glam rock style.

                                            The models pose for a final group shot. 

Jenny xx (All photos and text by me. Find more at

Friday, 22 February 2013

Dressage and Cult Mountain, all in a weekend's work.

                                Images in this post by

Last Saturday night saw us dancing till we dropped at Lakota for Dressage, Horseplay's homo disco extravaganza, with a playful equestrian theme. We saw thousands of my little ponies filling every nook and er... tranny... and a large amount of fabulous people trotting around donning reigns, bits, whips, tails and brush mohawks. As well as the amazing decor, which also featured horse themed visuals in the form of a video installation (by the mega talented Jak Flash) we spent most of the night gawping at in wonder (especially at the 2 piece patterned crop top and legging outfit worn by a contortionist crawling through My Little Ponies and at the lady in blue, one of our fave models, Aiyla- Beau. ), there were cutting edge performances on the stage, including the best male pole dancer we have ever seen (ok he may have been the first male pole dancer I have ever seen, but he rocked it). 
Music ( house and disco, of course darlings) was supplied by the likes of Pardon my French, Shambarber, and the Horseplay guys themselves.

             Our head designer Dionne (centre) and me (just! on the left) dancing the night away

We were sad to have narrowly missed dressing the dancers for the main stage, due to be being too busy with our Fuze fashion show, but hey you win some, you lose some. 

The cherry on the top of our night was when we found ourselves dancing with two of the walkabout performers, who teased us, got down low for us, then had a hilarious interpretive dance style argument. They also had on two hella fabulous outfits! We would love to meet them again for some style tips. 

 The walk about performers

We also loved these three outfits

The night taught us that gays really do have the best fun! Well gays and us, of course!

The next morning we dragged our hungover asses on to the coach to head for London, for the opening of new artist emporium, Cult Mountain, in our capital city's vibrant Bethnal Green. 

Read our next blog for more on that, including an interview with wicked and bad performers, My Bad Sister. 

Jenny (for more by me see xx