Friday, 29 March 2013

Puckoo Couture at Box Park, Shoreditch with best in British fashion curation, Secret Emporium

Ladies and gentleman with a keen eye for the freshest in independent fashion, you have one weekend left to find us at Box Park, Shoreditch, units 1-3 with Secret Emporium!

Tonight you will have till 8pm, for late night fashion fun.

 We've been there since March 15th, and, with the lovelies at SE deciding they don't want to leave just yet, we are happy to announce we will now be staying for the Bank Holiday Weekend, till April 1st !

pic by SE

We are there lovin’ life alongside the rest of SE's ‘top 20 British Independent Designers’, such as Spanglewear, Lucy Peacock, E.A Burns, Izzy Webster and Rosa Bonita.

For those of you who haven’t heard of Secret Emporium before (you really should have, but everybody gets one ;) ), Secret Emporium believe in supporting independent makers, championing what they do and promoting what they sell. They always search for grass roots designers; the talent of the future and look to designers who are on the fringe and underground. This lovely lot seek out and initiate collaboration between designers and creatives. They hand curate events and produce immersive market spaces, for example, Box Park.

If you manage to tear yourselves away from mass chocolate bingeing (yes, we all know that is what Easter is really about) and have a look at what we’ve got going on, you will be in for a bigger treat, in the form of…

Samples from our Bladerunner Couture collection (all of which are made to order)!


You will also see items from our never-before-seen Summer in LA 2019 (S/S13) collection and Fiesta Dress range, which includes hot pants, unitards and leggings fit for that special occasion, be it festival, club night, house party…or maybe you just like to dress up to do your groceries, like we often do!

SSLA19 sneaky peak! Pic by Kevin Voller

Animals on acid! Kevin Voller

“ There are designs taken from our Couture range, but simplified and created in more affordable fabrics, to make the pieces over all more accessible. As festival season is fast approaching, our collection has been inspired by letting go of our inhibitions and running free in a field once more. So think animals on acid... Bright, metallic, sparkly, garish, clashing colours, prints, feathers, hair and lots of animal prints!” - Puckoo mumma, Dionne Thomas.

We really like the space we have, and are in our element in Shoreditch! “Secret Emporium wanted to keep the space similar to a gallery, akin to a blank canvas. With help from the in house architects, An- Architecture, we have some really sophisticated ways of displaying our items” says Dionne.

“Its been great exposure. I've always liked Shoreditch, its quirky underground scene really suits Puckoo Couture.  It’s the heart of London’s independent arty and fashion scene, and that fits well with what we stand for as a brand.”  Dionne adds.

You can check out our Box Park on facebook here.

Also, not only do we have this amazing pop up shop together, but we also have shops at their festival events throughout the summer, and Christmas markets too. And, they  have just asked us to sell on their online shop, so look out for us there!

Massive thanks to everyone who has supported us so far, and to our beautiful fellow pop-uppers!

Have a good Friday! Jenny xx

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