Friday, 22 February 2013

Dressage and Cult Mountain, all in a weekend's work.

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Last Saturday night saw us dancing till we dropped at Lakota for Dressage, Horseplay's homo disco extravaganza, with a playful equestrian theme. We saw thousands of my little ponies filling every nook and er... tranny... and a large amount of fabulous people trotting around donning reigns, bits, whips, tails and brush mohawks. As well as the amazing decor, which also featured horse themed visuals in the form of a video installation (by the mega talented Jak Flash) we spent most of the night gawping at in wonder (especially at the 2 piece patterned crop top and legging outfit worn by a contortionist crawling through My Little Ponies and at the lady in blue, one of our fave models, Aiyla- Beau. ), there were cutting edge performances on the stage, including the best male pole dancer we have ever seen (ok he may have been the first male pole dancer I have ever seen, but he rocked it). 
Music ( house and disco, of course darlings) was supplied by the likes of Pardon my French, Shambarber, and the Horseplay guys themselves.

             Our head designer Dionne (centre) and me (just! on the left) dancing the night away

We were sad to have narrowly missed dressing the dancers for the main stage, due to be being too busy with our Fuze fashion show, but hey you win some, you lose some. 

The cherry on the top of our night was when we found ourselves dancing with two of the walkabout performers, who teased us, got down low for us, then had a hilarious interpretive dance style argument. They also had on two hella fabulous outfits! We would love to meet them again for some style tips. 

 The walk about performers

We also loved these three outfits

The night taught us that gays really do have the best fun! Well gays and us, of course!

The next morning we dragged our hungover asses on to the coach to head for London, for the opening of new artist emporium, Cult Mountain, in our capital city's vibrant Bethnal Green. 

Read our next blog for more on that, including an interview with wicked and bad performers, My Bad Sister. 

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