Friday, 15 February 2013

Street Style- Stokes Croft, Bristol vs Brick Lane, London. Week 1: Stokes Croft

We can't help but admire the wicked individual style we witness on a daily basis on the streets of our home, Stokes Croft, and our second home, Brick Lane. But who is the best? Well, we have decided to go out and photograph the creams of the crop in each area, to find out who takes the street style crown.

Time for round one, starting this week with the turn of Stokes Croft. We will pick one winner in each area, and then at the end of each round, which area wins the point.

This girl and her vintage parka gets top marks! We are also loving the partially shaved head look at the moment. Our ears get cold, but we don't care! All in the name of style baby!

The girl on the left's jacket is making us jealous. And the girl on the right is so cute! We want to be her friend. 

 Lush coat! 

This guy, Yoshi, would have been this week's winner, until we found out he was actually from East London and just visiting for the weekend haha. That would hardly have been fair of us! But, we love his outfit and his hair... and his tattoo... ok, so we love everything about this dude.

Pink hair and a subtley colour coordinated bag and cardi (just peeping out from under the fur) is definitely a strong look. Also, as you can see, Bristol loves its leopard prints.

Nice jacket. This cold weather is obviously good for at least one thing; showcasing our layers! We also love this guy's Fresh Prince style hair.

This pair will have to share the crown! Awesome t-shirts, hair and piercings and, most importantly,  awesome personal style (One confident friend, one shy), has left us swooning in the studio!

Overall, the guys seem to be the winners this week. On to Brick Lane next week for part two of the first round. C'mon ladies, show us what you've got!

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