Monday, 28 January 2013

Independent Women

Here at Puckoo, we are proud to be independent!

Our independence doesn't just mean that we haven’t sold our soul to bloody corporation, it means that we know that our garms are created with our own love sweat and tears, and we’re not going to rely on the help of unknown factory workers, who are often sourced outside of the EU, in many places where regulations of conditions for those working in the garment industry are seriously not cool . We find long hours hard enough, and can’t imagine what it would be like not to have the lush comforts of our studio to do it in!

Obviously, independence doesn't only exist in fashion. We find that there are  opportunities to buy local and independent in the majority of what‘s on our shopping lists. 

The 'Mad Hatters Tea Party' protested the opening of a new Costa in Bristol, wanting to keep our high street local

We love the real sense of community that comes when shopping independently, there is so much more of a story to be told, and so much more of a passion for the work. 

This video sums up what I'm talking about perfectly! It’s filmed in Gloucester Road, which is just up the road from our studio, and is the longest line of independent shops in Europe.

Such an amazing city to be a part of! 
Viva independent Bristol!      

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