Friday, 14 September 2012

Find us at Brick Lane's Sunday Up Market

We are very excited to announce that you can now find Puckoo Couture at Brick Lane’s Sunday UpMarket ! We will be there every Sunday, at the Old Truman’s Brewery with our bessie mate, Lou Hallswell (of Sew That Jazz and Fuud Hoods). 

Our stall

Our first day on the stalls was a trip down memory/Brick Lane for Dionne, who had worked in the same market a few years ago,. You would think that would make it easy to find,  but it really wasn’t, we ended up getting lost in the rain carrying a very awkward mannequin! 

It was my first time in the area, and I loved every second. There is some serious fashion talent going on there! I really liked the handmade studded shirt collars and downstairs there was so much awesome vintage. And,  not only are there clothes, but also jewellery, crafts, art and photography and lots of yummy food! Saint Saviours, good friends of Dionne’s who hand finish the fineeessssttt hats ( and can now even be found in Topshop!) were also there, and I was left lusting after a wicked and bad felt trilby with Navajo detailing (for those that are not in the know, by bad I actually mean good!).

Matt from Saint Saviour with some of his hats.

I  of course, had a browse around the stalls myself and picked up the coolest eye ring for £3! Bargain!! I also stopped for a while at the funkiest stall in London, belonging to a guy called Jimmy. I’m guessing the afro headed, flare wearing, tooth missing mix maker knows how to party! 

My lush new ring

We were also lucky enough for that weekend to coincide with most of the local university’s creative degree shows, so there was loads of wicked work to look at in the gallery space downstairs. Our personal favourite was a chair covered in diamantes that read “I’ve had hundreds of arses in my time, so keep yours off!”! It would look so good in the studio! There was also a cool sculpture of an animal disintegrating into dust. It was made of fag ends and ash, which was a really interesting use of materials and looked amazing! 

Sparkle sparkle

Ashes to ashes...

The day went really well for our stall too, with Dionne getting loadsss of orders for custom festival pieces for Burning Man. We arrived home on the coach very tired but equally very happy with our fashionable adventure. I can’t wait to go back, when I‘ll definitely be picking up another Kooky Bakes cupcake ( the Raspberry one is bordering on cake porn)! Below is a map of where to find the Sunday Up Market, so now you have no excuse to miss it! See you there!

Sorry, what was I talking about again? I was distracted by the major yums!

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