Thursday, 13 September 2012

Hot Hot Hot D'Jour!

Hey, yo! 
We hope you have all been having an amazing summer. Here at Puckoo Couture, we’ve had an absolute stormer, including the weather (rain rain rainnnn)! We are very sad that festival season is almost over, but won’t it be nice to sleep in a proper bed again!

However, it is definitely not the time to hibernate, which we have to keep telling ourselves now that bed is so inviting! There is so much going on around here in Bristol that if we snooze, we will lose! 
Take last weekend, the premiere night of the eagerly awaited Hot D’Jour music video, ‘Undone’, which we styled back in June. The night, at Bristol’s sickest cinema, the Cube not only showcased the fantastic achievement of Hot D’Jour’s new video, but also some other’s of Bristol’s new talent, including Gutterfunk, Central Spillz, Se Fire and Dr Meaker. We especially liked the video for Sure Thing - Holding You Tight. The 80s style was so spot on that it was like stepping back into a Top of the Pops video. 

From producers to camera men and designers to djs, the whole event really reinforced the feeling of pride we get from being a part of the creative Brizzle scene.
The night was topped off by a lushhhh performance by the crazy cool Hot D’Jour duo, Holly G and Denzil. We haven’t heard live vocals of that calibre in a very, very long time, so big ups! 

So, I know it has been a long time coming, but we can now share some of 
 our behind the scenes photos from the ‘Undone’ shoot!

Dionne perfecting Holly's chapel look

    Setting up the lights

Corrigan making THE shoes

 One of the backing dancers waiting to begin the circus routine

     Jo Jop applying gorgeous Face Lace

'Cosmic Lollipop', our favourite scene

                        The party scene, including me and Dionne!

Don’t forget to watch out for Hot D’Jour’s video, ‘Undone’, which will be on a screen near you realll soon!
You can find out more about Hot D'Jour by visiting their facebook, at

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